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Since 2015, We Have Inspired More Than 150,000 Entrepreneurs toDiscover their Purpose & Brand themselves as Community & Industry Leaders.It's time to LevelUp!

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We host monthly FREE Events in different locations to help you discover your mission, impact & make valuable business and community building connections. Bring 1 or more jars of peanut butter as your entry fee.

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Peanut Butter Challenge


Since the Summer of 2018, we have been on a mission to end food insecurities in kids in Northern Illinois & NW Indiana. We raised over 1,000,000 meals in Peanut Butter becoming the number 1 supplier of PB for Food Banks in the Area.  This year, our goal is 5,000,000 & we need your help.

Bring Your Pocket Change for Change at the Events!


It is our goal to launch and support 1 impactful mission per day through our events using our general fund for change. It is NOT a requirement by any means, but we encourage you to bring any loose change or a few bucks at each event and help us support the missions we are launching into the communities in your area.

What does it cost?

It Costs You Nothing to Be a Part of the Co-Op Network both Online & Offline to Network & Attend Events.

It Costs You Nothing to Discover & launch an approved Impactful Mission through the Co-Op Network.

It Costs You Nothing to be approved to have access to the Change for Change Funding Program* (subject to the availability of funding)

The Only Thing we ask you to do is help us reach people looking for purpose & invite them to join our online community & offline events! Together we will create leaders of impact globally!

About The Founders of the Co-Op Network

Jeff & Lisa Levin

Jeff & Lisa have been on mission to create impactful leaders & companies since 2015, when the Co-Op Network began. They are accelerated relationship building experts that believe in creating environments where people can connect at the core,  and move relationships into action quickly to impact lives.

Jeff's Accelerated Relationship Building Concepts found in Co-Opvertising

(#helpothersfirst) have sold thousands of copies of his book.

Helped him Co-Produce The Next Impactor

A Reality Competition Show with 100's of thousands involved as the watch contestants compete to win a grand prize of $500,000 to elevate the mission of one lucky Impactor.

Landed him on the cover of Global Achievers Magazine

Built mult-six figure consulting companies & 7 figure service businesses.

Jeff has 100's of hours of optional training & weekly live support that teaches you how to build a viral brand of impact. We are donating 50% of the proceeds to the Change for Change Fund to launch more missions of impact into communities all across the globe. As an entrepreneur who has been impacted by us, we encourage you to give back to the fund as well. Not required, but highly recommended. Together, we will reach every person on the planet thru impactful leaders like you. T

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